Choose i-Office Solutions for all your office productivity, connectivity and security services, including ICT, PABX, PBX and access control.
Focus on your other needs i-Office Solutions for will take care of the rest including ICT, PABX, PBX and access control.
Feel safe on your office. i-Office Solutions will take care of your security needs including access control and ICT, PABX, PBX.
i-Office Solutions
Welcome to i-Office Solutions – the answer you’ve been looking for to all your productivity and business growth challenges. We bring you the workspace of the future – today. As a business owner, you should be focused on growing your enterprise, networking and selling. But like many entrepreneurs, you probably find that admin and routine operational tasks take up far too much of your time.
i-Office Solutions is a leading provider of key business productivity and security devices, software and services, including Office Automation (OA), Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), Private Automatic Branch Exchange/Private Business Exchange (PABX/PBX) and Biometric Attendance Systems (BAS).

Our directors have over 30 years’ combined experience in ICT and office automation, much of it acquired with global industry leaders such as Nashua and Canon. This gives i-Office Solutions not only a confident grasp of the latest technology, but also a keen understanding of what works, and of the importance of customer-centric solutions.

Why Choose us?
At i-Office Solutions, we embrace a Japanese business philosophy known as Kaizen. In essence, it’s an approach driven by a commitment to continuous improvement through innovation.
We don’t just help you improve your business profitability and productivity. We also apply Kaizen methods to our own workflow, so that every day and in every way, we offer you a better service. That’s important, because we’re not in the business of supplying quick fixes. Instead, we believe in developing long-term working relationships with all our clients. We continually research international best practices and look for ways to adapt them to South Africa’s unique circumstances. i-Office Solutions strives to be everything that we help other businesses to be, namely agile, innovative and proactive. Let’s work together to make your business work for you.
What we do
Office Automation/Copiers
Dramatically improve your productivity with our office automation and integrated workflow solutions. Store, archive and retrieve all your digital documents, and seamlessly link your printing and scanning functions into your local network.
We also specialise in secure printing devices to ensure that your business is compliant with all the relevant legislation and regulations, including POPI.
Our office automation systems also give you a better handle on your costs, with usage tracked by employee and by department for accurate and accountable billing.
Enjoy improved internal and external telephony with our telecommunications solutions. We have partnered with PANCOM, a leading telecommunications provider with numerous blue-chip clients, to deliver world-class PABX and PBX solutions.
Never miss another call or risk losing out on a sales lead – our PBX systems offer you the advantages of one-touch call transfer, speed dialling, voicemail, conference calling, call waiting, call forwarding and automatic ring back. We specialise in network integration with minimal disruption and offer off-site hosting for security and maximum system up-time.
ICT Solutions
Modern businesses rely on information technology to connect and communicate, and yet IT issues can cause your business to lose money and time. Incorrectly installed or outdated systems are worse than useless and can lead to frustration and lost opportunities. With i-Office Solutions, your IT hassles will instantly become a thing of the past. Whether you’re moving offices, migrating to a newer system, or simply looking for a failsafe installation and support partner, contact i-Office Solutions today.
Our ICT services include:
• Internet connectivity, Wi-Fi, network and email account setup and maintenance
• Server installation, integration and maintenance
• Cloud computing and secure data storage
• Router, laptop and PC maintenance
Office Security:
Workplace security is vital to the sustainability of your business. i-Office Solutions provides security systems that give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your assets, people and premises are protected. Threats can be both internal and external, but with CCTV installed you’ll be able to both deter and record any incidents. We can help you protect sensitive areas, assets and business data with biometric access systems (BAS) that work on either fingerprint recognition or retina scanning. Time-attendance tracking can help automate your payroll functions for hourly-paid staff, ensuring that they receive the remuneration they deserve. At the same time, the increased accuracy of these systems offers you protection against attempted fraud.
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For a safer, more effective and ultimately more profitable working environment, contact i-Office Solutions using the details below, or complete the enquiry form.
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